Holiday themed cookies and candy, festive drinks, and that trusty pair of elastic waist pants can easily become staples during these next few months.

Celebrating the holidays with others is wonderful. Holiday food and drink is a fun part of that merriment.

However, it is important to find balance with your nutrition so that you feel your best as you enter the New Year. It is possible to do so while still embracing the joys of the season.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you navigate the somewhat treacherous food landscape of holiday parties.

1. Arrive with a full belly.

You are more likely to make poor food choices if you are starving. On the day of a party, eat regular meals. Enjoy a hearty, healthy snack or meal prior to the event if you suspect it will be a challenge to find good food options for you at the party.

2. Bring food to share.

Most hosts will not reject your offer to contribute extra food. Whether it be a nourishing finger food, a healthy take on a dessert, or a veggie rich side dish, make sure you have food around that your pallet and your body enjoy.

If you have specific food sensitivities or a nutritional protocol you need to stick to, you’ll be able to eat your dish and avoid possible repercussions of digestive distress, a blood sugar crash, etc. from processed or sugary foods.

3. Go in with a game plan.

Before arriving at the party and being tempted to overindulge in desserts or consume excess alcohol, make a decision regarding what you’re going to eat or drink.

Also, give yourself parameters on quantity. For example, plan to enjoy one glass of wine and decide that you don’t need any more after that.

Your plan may need to include resisting social pressure to overindulge. If your co-workers, friends, or family tell you you’re lame for not “living it up” and indulging as much as they are, know that they do this because of their own insecurities or lack of confidence. Don’t let others drag you down. Eat or drink what you deem is good for your body.

Best of luck as you navigate holiday parties during the next few weeks. Remember, that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Go into this season prepared so you can enjoy it more fully.

May you have a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and joy!

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