"From a team building perspective and from an individual perspective the results were astounding. If somebody is interested in the program, they ought to pick up the phone and make it happen."

— Tom Pyne, COO Intercoastal Mortgage

Rick Rabi“Van Metre’s Corporate Wellness Program has been a huge success! For the past 2 1/2 years, Erin Foushee has been leading our weekly Nutritional Lunch and Learn Workshops and the results have been fantastic. Employees who go through her 8 week program have much more energy, think clearer, and have lost significant amounts of weight. Furthermore, many of them have been able to reduce or eliminate their medications (with doctor approval) due to the amazing internal changes their bodies underwent once they address certain physiological imbalances naturally with nutrition. Consequently, Van Metre saw an annual $200,000 savings in health care costs as noted in the following article, which highlights our program. Erin Foushee, thanks again for your significant contribution to our company’s success by making our employees more productive and energized!”

— Rick Rabi, CEO and President of Van Metre Companies

"I have a support team devoted to my health, which allows me to support my own team of employees and clients even better--and without sugar and caffeine!"

— Angela Conerly, CEO of Mindworks

"For so long, I have struggled with weight loss and a lack of energy. This program helped me to find a nutritional balance for my hormones, which in turn kickstarted my ability to finally start losing weight!

Not only was I able to receive crucial information, but I was also able to learn with a team that supported me throughout this journey. The format of this program allowed for my team to learn at a time that was convenient for us while still providing real time feedback.

This was a great program for making a healthy lifestyle change while keeping up with the demands of everyday life."

— Bridget Bergeron, Manager for Special Ed. Team, Fairfax

"The recommended steps to improve overall health and to attain weight and fitness goals are small, easy and effective. This program provides "how to" guide for positively changing your lifestyle and health.

This is not a diet program that ends. It's a lifestyle change that will be easy to maintain.

Almost immediate benefits of the course are 1. Less fatigue and clearer thoughts in the afternoons 2. Better sleep 3. Looser fitting clothing (despite what the scale might tell you) 4. A general feeling of well being

Lastly, I love Erin's upbeat delivery, which made it fun!"

— Pat Mooney, Project Manager for ViON Corporation

Debbie Freivald“Erin Foushee’s nutritional program and expertise restored my energy after gall bladder removal and greatly improved my sleep. Furthermore, I’m a late blooming triathlon fanatic and Erin’s unconventional dietary suggestions fueled me to my first half and full distance Ironman finishes. Recently I qualified for worlds! Thank you, Erin for helping me to perform at such a peak level of fitness!”

— Debbie Freivald

"I dropped 5.5% body fat, lost 22 lbs, and gained invaluable nutritional knowledge during The Fortis Program.

Thank you to Erin Foushee and her team!"

— Ryan Kelly, Loan Officer at IMC