Let’s take an honest look in the mirror.

How will your body likely weather this looming battle with the Coronavirus?

Read on for 5 ways to reinforce your body’s natural defense system.

Viruses & Their Hosts

A virus will present differently depending on how healthy or sick its host is. You are the potential host.

Are your natural defenses up or down?

Poor health decisions knock down a body’s barricades to viral invaders.

Certain health habits will strengthen the body’s ability to fight off invaders. Both mechanical and chemical barricades prevent many viruses from entering the body in the first place and kill those that do sneak through exterior defenses.

Many of us will be exposed to COVID-19 over the next few weeks to months. If you’ve been slacking in the health habit department recently, there is no better time to take action.

Take Ownership

You need to understand how to boost your immune system. You are responsible for your health. Not the government. Not your doctor. Not a news team. (Having said that, government leaders, doctors, and news channels will be key players during this pandemic. Thank you all!)

Also, taking care of your health is the charitable thing to do. No one lives in a bubble. Your actions or inaction impacts others. We can all agree that it’s best not to flood the hospitals and overtax health care workers. Do your part by getting healthy now.

Take the Quiz

How is your immune system doing?

STRONG: If you have been on your A game with health habits (including a positive mindset), your body is likely in good shape. Way to go! Keep reading for specific tips on fighting viral infections. Focus on the supplement section below and stay tuned for the super foods blog coming soon.

NEEDS SUPPORT: If you are feeling lethargic, taking medication, battling digestive discomfort, hooked on sugar or processed carbs, struggling with excess weight, or are currently dealing with illness, I urge you to make some big shifts in your health habits. I have 5 ideas below to help you get started.

5 Focus Areas to Fight Off Viral Infections


Two of your body’s many immune system barriers are composed primarily of water.

First, water is needed to make ample mucus, which traps and transports killed invaders out of your respiratory system.

Also, your stomach acid, which is another line of defense, is primarily composed of water. When you ingest harmful invaders, your stomach acid should be able to kill them off before they arrive in your more permeable small intestines. In your intestines, bacteria and viruses can more easily be absorbed into your blood stream. That’s a bad thing. The majority of people have insufficient stomach acid, making them much more susceptible to illness.

Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water is key to ramping up these defense mechanisms. Click here for more tips on hydration.

#2. FOOD

Nature has provide a bounty of foods that strengthen your immune system, which is responsible for fighting viral infections.

There are also many “foods” that severely weaken your body’s defense system. Sugar, refined carbohydrates (chips, crackers, soda, sweetened food), and excess alcohol are chief offenders.

So, don’t stock up on bread. Cut out the sugar. Swap out refined carbohydrates for whole foods.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on specific foods to fight viral infections.


If you decide to employ an extra supplemental boost, please be smart and first focus on a whole food, nourishing diet. Supplements can provide amazing support, but a diet of frequent pizza, chips, and sugar filled yogurt will undo much of what you’re trying to achieve in taking vitamins.

Here are several quality supplements that either help to boost your gut and overall immune system or help specifically with combating a viral attack. I’ve linked my favorite brands below.

  • Probiotic: Bio-Kult
  • Immune boosting multi-vitamin: Bio-Immunozyme Forte
  • Anti-viral, pre-biotic & immune system activator: IAG (My clients have had excellent results with killing off stubborn viruses using this. This powder supplement is great for kids or those who dislike pills.)
  • Fat soluble vitamins: Cod liver oil or Bio-ADEK-Mulsion
  • Vitamin C: Bio-C Plus 1000 (There are a lot of great ones out there. Make sure to pick one containing bioflavonoids as they will help increase absorption.)
  • Herbal anti-viral: Ultra Vir X (Good for those not already taking Vitamin A.)

Some of the products mentioned are from Biotics Research, a professional supplement line. If you need to order these and don’t already have a client code, simply reach out to me. I’ll send you a code enabling you to order directly from the distributer to guarantee freshness and quality. Also, please let me know if you have specific questions before ordering. These are general recommendations.

Many anti-viral and immune boosting supplements from quality companies are on backorder right now. Therefore, if you’re interested in getting supplemental support, I encourage you to move forward with that.


The lymph system is very instrumental in killing off and ridding the body of viruses. Unlike the circulatory system, it doesn’t have a pump. Muscles serve as the pump. When they move, the lymph is stimulated to flow.

An inactive body will create stagnant lymphatic fluid, leading to a hampered immune response.

Most of the lymphatic nodules are located in the armpits, around the groin area, and surrounding the intestines. Therefore, it’s best if your exercise works these areas.

Walking, jumping jacks, and mobility work are wonderful starting points.

Click here for the first of a great video series for mobility work. I do a similar mobility sequence for 10-15 minutes first thing every morning. I feel so rejuvenated after doing so!


In order to fight off invaders, your body needs time to rest and repair.

Most people are incredibly sleep deprived and are dependent on coffee, refined carbs (a.k.a. sugar), and sweets simply to survive the day.

If you’re dealing with low energy and are getting insufficient quality sleep, click here for your free sleep guide.


Act prudently by taking precautions and preventative measures at this time, but don’t give into fear. That does you no good. In fact, when the brain is in a chronic fear response, the immune system gets squelched.

If you find yourself ruminating on fearful thoughts, employ these two (1, 2) tricks. Be at peace, friends.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

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