The alarm clock blares; it is another typical morning trying to get yourself (and possibly your kids) out the door.

Amidst the chaos, it is understandably difficult to be creative with packed lunches. Instead of using foods that are loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats, and additives, this week I encourage you to focus on packing a healthy lunch.

Think outside the (typical lunch) box and try the following meals and snacks that will give you the energy needed to focus at work and enjoy your day.

1. Lettuce Wrap: Take a large piece of lettuce and spread hummus or guac on the inside of a wrap before adding chicken/ turkey, tomato, cucumber slices, salsa, and/ or sprouts. Get creative! The possibilities are endless with wraps. Just make sure you keep the ingredients healthy.

2. Fruit and Cheese Plate: Add some sophistication to your lunch or snack by packing fresh fruit and cheese cubes. Fill this out with raw veggies dipped in guac.

3. Green Salad: Start with a base of dark leafy greens, such as romaine lettuce, and pile on the vegetables. There are pre-cut raw veggies out there in grocery stores so grab those if you’re short on time. Add pre-cooked pulled chicken, turkey, or steak for protein. Use different combinations of vegetables (and fruit) to keep your taste buds guessing and to enhance your nutritional profile. Variety is the spice of life! Try a dressing that includes healthy olive oil, like Bragg’s Healthy Vinaigrette, rather than an unhealthy alternative, such as a highly processed vegetable oil based dressing.

4. Nut Butter Crunch: Try topping celery and/or apples with peanut or almond butter and raisins. Add some rolled up deli meat to fill out the lunch.

5. Survival Soup: Although organic canned soup isn’t ideal due to the aluminum cans, it is quick and easy if you are in a rush. Furthermore, it is a far superior alternative to fast food. Make sure the soup is filled with meat and veggies rather than white noodles and MSG (harmful additive). If you can make your own homemade bone broth soup to bring, even better! I make soup in bulk, freeze individual portions in small mason jars (leave an inch of air room on the top), and pull the container in the morning as needed for work lunches.

…now get packing!

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