For years I have been emphasizing the importance of buying organic. Well, today I have a new message for you.

When it comes to meat and produce, at times it is simply best not to buy organic.

I recently picked up a bulk order of beef from a new local farm. As I pulled in the farmer’s dusty, gravel driveway, an enthusiastic farm dog greeted me with excited yelps. In the distance, beautiful cattle roamed the rolling hills, grazing on lush grass that enhances the nutrient density of their milk and meat. As I exited my car, a young farmer greeted me with a warm smile and friendly handshake. We spoke at length about his sustainable farming practices in which he focuses on quality not just quantity of product.

I then asked him if the meat was organic. The answer? No.

However, this meat was far superior to any store bought meat with a USDA Organic label slapped on the packaging. This meat was beyond organic. My farmer’s animals have eaten a cleaner diet and live in a much healthier environment compared to their fellow cows at both organic and conventional farms. The diet and health of these animals impacts your well being.

Although organic beef is a better alternative to conventionally raised meat, the term organic does not ensure that the cows ate soy free feed (soy is an estrogen mimicker and can alter sex hormones), ingested grass, or roamed freely in pasture. All these things influence the nutrient density of meat. For example, the meat of cows that eat grass has a higher omega 3 (anti-inflammatory fat) content compared to store bought organic or conventional meat.My farmer went above and beyond what is required to have organic meat and produce. His farm was not “organic” simply because he could not afford the price for that organic label. However, he still provided me with a better product than I could buy in the stores.

Consequently, I encourage you broaden your horizons when it comes to assessing food quality. That organic label is a good start. However, if you can swing by your local farmer’s market or farm, speak to a farmer about his or her farming practices, and get local, higher quality food than what the grocery store provides, your body will thank you. A nutrient dense diet is key to providing you the energy needed to live life to the fullest.

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