We are several months out from New Years. How are those health resolutions going? If you are crushing it in that department, keep up the good work. But for those of you who are struggling to be consistent, keep reading.

Think back to WHY you decided on your particular New Year’s resolution. Defining your “why” and keeping that as your focus is key to success. Ask yourself, “how will achieving this year’s health goal help improve my quality of life?”

For example, let’s say your goal is to sleep 8 hours each night, which is vital to keeping your depression at bay. When you are depressed, it negatively impacts your productivity at work and you’re tired of the blues holding you back from climbing the corporate ladder. That’s your why.


Perhaps your goal is to decrease your dangerously high levels of cholesterol. What’s your motivation for cleaning up your diet and reducing inflammation naturally? You want to prevent dying early from a heart attack and you desire to be an active parent or grandparent.

Once you have defined your why, write it down. Then every morning when you wake up, read that goal out loud. This simple exercise will help prime your brain to make good choices throughout the day that align with your goal.

I do this ritual every morning and it really helps to set me up for success. Here’s my formula:

  • Read my goals (health, personal, and professional)
  • Focus on my motivation or “why”
  • Assess what small steps I need to take that day to move closer towards my goals

During this month, I challenge you to join me (in spirit) in this simple yet powerful exercise. I’m excited to hear from those of you who are on board!

It is amazing how small habits can change your mindset and therefore your life. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and give your brain a map to follow so that you get to your desired destination by the end of this year.

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