We have a tendency to look at a person’s weight or clothing size and determine health based off of that alone.

However, there are a lot of sickly, thin people out there.

Beyond weight, there are so many other symptoms that provide clues about your health. For example, hair loss, brittle nails, and weak bones all are signs of nutritional imbalances. What do these symptoms have in common?

Bones, hair, and nails need ample minerals to be healthy.

Burn Baby Burn!

When you are mentally, emotionally, or physically stressed, the primary glands and organs that help regulate stress burn through your mineral reserves quickly. Think about minerals as a key “fuel source” for a taxed brain and body.

During times of high stress, the body thinks it’s in an emergency, survival type situation and it reacts accordingly. It prioritizes minerals to support the body in handling stress.

The health of bones (and teeth), hair, and nails is put on the back burner.

What Does Mineral Depletion Look Like?

Here are some of the resulting symptoms:


Reduced bone density, carpal tunnel syndrome, a propensity to stress fractures, and bone spurs can all be signs of mineral deficiencies.

Calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and potassium are all important nutrients for bone health.


Hair loss often happens during or after a very stressful time. For example, sleep deprivation, a poor diet, the stress of a challenging postpartum period, excessive alcohol use, and intense job stress can tax the adrenal glands and thyroid gland.

Key minerals such as zinc and iodine get depleted, which are needed for healthy hair growth.

Note: There is a genetic component to hair loss but it can be exacerbated by mineral deficiency and the resulting hormonal weakness. Male pattern baldness may be slowed down by dietary changes but I have not seen it reversed.

However, I have helped female clients who were losing handfuls of hair daily to grow a thick mane after implementing targeted dietary and lifestyle changes.


Brittleness, white spots, and an abundance of ridges on the nails are signs that mineral levels are off. Zinc is one of the key players in growing healthy nails.

Take Action

If you want lush hair, strong nails, and sturdy bones, there is hope.

1. Drink bone broth. This ancient super food is incredibly nourishing to the body due to its abundance of minerals.

Increase iodine intake. Thyroid boosting iodine is found in eggs, fish, and sea vegetables like nori. Those suffering from thyroid issues often deal with hair loss in part due to iodine deficiency.

3. Up your zinc consumption. Pumpkin seeds, lamb, grass-fed beef, lentils, and shellfish are a few of the power players.

Sleep more. Ample sleep is a key element to rebalancing your stress hormones. A well-rested body won’t burn through its mineral reserves as quickly

5. Enhance digestion. You could be eating a mineral rich diet, but if you’re not properly absorbing those nutrients due to weak digestive function, you will not benefit from the minerals ingested.

Ways Fortis Wellness Can Help

1. Find the Root Cause: We can help you address the foundational cause of your nutritional imbalances that are leading to your unpleasant symptoms. We’ll provide targeted nutritional and lifestyle action steps for rebalancing those issues.

Test Minerals: Fortis provides mineral testing to assess what minerals have been depleted.

3. Enhance Digestion:We determine whether or not you are absorbing nutrients properly and provide solutions to improve digestive function.

To sign up for a 15-minute meet and greet with Erin Foushee, click here.

If you’re ready to stop the guesswork and get targeted support from a pro, e-mail us at info@fortiswellness.com.

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