Fall is finally here. Cozy sweaters, crisp leaves, and congestion seem to go hand in hand with this season.

Right now germs seem to drift around as effortlessly as the vibrant, fall leaves that blow in the wind. Typically the sneezing and coughing around you steadily increases in conjunction with the heightened stress and busyness many experience during this time of year.

Personally, I don’t enjoy getting sick. How about you?

This year, I encourage you to proactively fortify your immune system before you get hit with a nasty cold or stomach bug that puts you out of commission for days to weeks.

#1. Shun the Sweets

Last night, ghosts, princesses, and super heroes visited your door demanding candy. If your sweet tooth got the best of you and you dipped into that candy bowl one too many times, you may have woken up feeling like a zombie.

Sugar intake dramatically increases for most people between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Sweets and treats are everywhere you turn.

Unfortunately, sugar, processed foods, and sugary drinks that break down as sugar dramatically weaken the immune system. Soda, boxed cereal, alcohol, chips, sweetened yogurts, and most “health” bars are a few of the many foods and drinks that suppress the body’s response to illness. Therefore, consuming these things regularly will greatly increase your susceptibility to catching whatever germs are being passed around the office or your child’s school.

Holidays are a time to celebrate and festive food can be a wonderful part of that celebration. However, be prudent and have a holiday food game plan. Stay tuned for another article focusing on tips for navigating the holiday food scene.

Until then, dump the leftover Halloween candy.

#2. Move More

Exercise is a wonderful immune booster. It helps to activate the immune system by triggering powerful immune cells, such as natural killer cells.

You were made to move the large majority of the day. Unfortunately, in our convenience culture, it has become increasingly challenging to get in sufficient movement. This sedentary trend is devastating in the fight against illness.

Break up your work day by being intentional about moving each hour. Consistency of movement is crucial in keeping your immune system strong. Click here for ideas on getting active at the office.

Also, don’t slack on your exercise routine. If you can, add in a few extra workouts a week during the holiday season, even if it’s as simple as adding a 1 mile walk.

Regularly exercising outside as the seasons change is another great way to keep your immune system robust. Don’t let cold or dreary weather get in the way of your health goals. Throw on weather appropriate outdoor gear and get moving. Once your muscles start to warm up from your walk or outdoor workout, you’ll feel invigorated.

#3. Benefit from Bone Broth

Bone broth is an ancient healing food that made a trendy comeback a few years ago for good reason. It is packed with minerals and nutrients that help the body to combat stress and strengthen the digestive system.

Approximately 70% of the immune system stems from the digestive tract. Therefore, a healthy gut will lead to a healthy immune system.

A toxic, clogged, and inflamed gut is the perfect environment needed for contracting whatever bug is floating through your office. Also, an unhealthy digestive system will dramatically increase the likelihood of developing more serious diseases down the road.

To learn how to make bone broth, check out this great website on all things soup.

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