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Why the Paleo Diet Fails

Eating real food will definitely help to clean up your gut. However, if you have been eating processed food for years and switch over to a diet higher in protein and fat, such as a Paleo diet, you digestive organs may be caught off guard and might complain. Here's how to get past that problem...

Boost Libido with These 2 Key Nutrients

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. It makes you feel sexy.

In fact, ingesting enough dietary cholesterol goes hand in hand with the health of your libido. Healthy sex hormones provide color and excitement in all areas of life. Today's lesson is on how to up your game by hacking your diet.

Although it is not commonly discussed amongst friends, I frequently hear clients complain about their lagging libido (or their spouse’s waning drive). Luckily, I have several tried and true methods to help you reignite that fire.