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Sleep, Salt, & Soup

Stress & Disrupted Sleep

When the body is extremely stressed, hormones can get flipped in terms of their timing. Consequently, a person becomes wired but tired at night.

He may struggle to fall asleep or to stay asleep due to cortisol pumping through this veins in the evening.

However, in the morning, cortisol is too low. Without coffee, sweet cereal, bagel, or donut, he may struggle to mentally and physically rally for the day.

Stop the 3-4am Wake Up

It’s between 3 and 4am. Once again, you’re awake for seemingly no reason.

In the darkness, you sleepily stumble to the bathroom, thinking your bladder must be to blame for this undesired wake up.

But before we start pointing fingers (poor bladder), let’s look at additional reasons as to why people wake up in the dead of the night. I’ll also address why it’s often a struggle to fall back to sleep.

Alleviate Anxiety. Dampen Depression.

When I was 18, a wise friend gifted me a unique tool. It transformed my perception of the world.

I received a simple, leather journal. Its purpose? To encourage me to spend 5 minutes every night writing down all of that day’s blessings. I found and continue to find this practice so grounding. Here’s why.

Avoid This Common Cause of Muscle Atrophy

It’s time to workout. Go big or go home. Right?

I’m a big believer in pushing outside that physical comfort zone. However, sometimes, less is more. On your down days, you need to check your workout intensity or you can do more damage than good.

Boost Libido with These 2 Key Nutrients

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. It makes you feel sexy.

In fact, ingesting enough dietary cholesterol goes hand in hand with the health of your libido. Healthy sex hormones provide color and excitement in all areas of life. Today's lesson is on how to up your game by hacking your diet.

Although it is not commonly discussed amongst friends, I frequently hear clients complain about their lagging libido (or their spouse’s waning drive). Luckily, I have several tried and true methods to help you reignite that fire.

Lights Out: Sleeping to Survive the Workday

How did you feel this morning when you woke up? Did you need a jolt from your coffee or Red Bull to get moving or did you feel refreshed and rejuvenated without caffeine?

Caffeine will give you a temporary boost, but in the long run it actually drains your body's natural energy reserves. If you can't wake up without caffeine, that means you are addicted and that it's time to improve your sleep.Both the quantity and the quality of sleep that you receive will greatly impact your energy and productivity at the office.

Implement the following suggestions in order to improve both your efficiency at work and your overall health.

  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes per day can improve your sleep; therefore, include some type of physical activity in your day. However, if you exercise an hour...