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Sick or Removed Gallbladder?

Is a diseased or malfunctioning body part causing trouble? Sometimes the proposed “remedy” is to remove it completely.

Although I realize that some emergencies call for such a drastic measure, I don’t think we’ve been given spare parts.

If an organ or gland was placed in us, it has a purpose. That biological role is important to understand so that you can support the body appropriately in the absence of the part.

Huskies or Chihuahuas: You Pick Your Team

When it comes to dietary fats, are you selecting the best "team" to run the critical operations of your body?

Boost Libido with These 2 Key Nutrients

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. It makes you feel sexy.

In fact, ingesting enough dietary cholesterol goes hand in hand with the health of your libido. Healthy sex hormones provide color and excitement in all areas of life. Today's lesson is on how to up your game by hacking your diet.

Although it is not commonly discussed amongst friends, I frequently hear clients complain about their lagging libido (or their spouse’s waning drive). Luckily, I have several tried and true methods to help you reignite that fire.