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Sick or Removed Gallbladder?

Is a diseased or malfunctioning body part causing trouble? Sometimes the proposed “remedy” is to remove it completely.

Although I realize that some emergencies call for such a drastic measure, I don’t think we’ve been given spare parts.

If an organ or gland was placed in us, it has a purpose. That biological role is important to understand so that you can support the body appropriately in the absence of the part.

Dietary Hacks to Pump Up Productivity

Overcoming My Addiction

About a year and a half ago, I wrapped up a few months of an incredibly busy work season packed with travel and long days of teaching dozens of workshops. I was beat. My brain and body were in desperate need of a vacation, but life and work responsibilities didn’t afford one at the time.

Against my better judgment, I asked myself, “what do normal people do to unwind?”

So I tried to chill out through the distraction and entertainment tools that were at my fingertips. Netflix shows, YouTube videos, and the land of social media seemed to help me wind down at first. But soon the addictive nature of these platforms drew me in, making me feel more restless than before. I started craving the hit they provided, and they began to crowd out truly rejuvenating activities like sleep, time outdoors, and healthy leisure.

A few weeks later, I woke up and realized that I had an addiction. Something needed to change.

Let Nature Re-Wire Your Brain. Increase Productivity.